can be 昆明高端桑拿洗浴中心gradually replaced or tr

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can be 昆明高端桑拿洗浴中心gradually replaced or transplanted."

A tall silver birch near the intersection of Xinwen road and Xichang Road was blown down by the strong wind, hitting the tail of a bus passing by and a famous road brand, and hanging several communication cables. And this also made silver birch, a tree species planted in Kunming for more than half a century, once again pushed to the forefront of public opinion.

Why does the silver birch planted at the news intersection suddenly fall? How will the relevant departments deal with the windy weather in the future? Will the silver birch which has been "repeatedly damaged" be transplanted or replaced in large area? With these problems, yesterday's reporter interviewed the relevant principals of the Municipal Urban Administration Bureau and Kunming five North China control environmental industry development Co., Ltd.

Journalist survey

Silver birch has been in trouble for many years

"According to the investigation, the main reason for the fall of the silver birch tree at the news crossing is that during the construction and reconstruction of the road, the original subgrade was raised, and the trunk 30-40 cm high at the bottom was buried under the subgrade. With the growth of trees, this part of the trunk growth space is limited, rotted, and the wind is strong on the 19th, so it was blown down. " Li Yongqing, director of the greening operation center of Kunming Wuhua Beikong Environmental Industry Development Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the management and maintenance of the landscaping facilities in Wuhua District, told reporters that because of its tall, straight, evergreen and fast growth, silver birch has become one of the main street trees planted in Kunming in the 1950s and 1960s, but it also has some disadvantages, such as too tall and rooted It is easy to fall and break the brittle wood branches. Therefore, Kunming has not continued to plant this tree species since then.

"On the 19th, in addition to the silver birch that was blown down at the news crossing, the silver birch in Honghui hospital, Cuihu and other places also broke branches under the influence of gale weather. Fortunately, there were no casualties." Li Yongqing said that at present, the silver birch trees in Kunming city are mostly found in Qingnian Road, Xinxin Road, Dongfeng East Road, Cuihu Ring Road and some sections of Renmin Road. There are 4100 to 4200 trees in Wuhua District alone, which is one of the main street trees in Wuhua District.

In fact, this is not the first time that silver birch has "caused a disaster" in Kunming. Reporters have found several records of silver birch "causing a disaster" in the news reports over the years. When it comes to the silver birch tree that loves to make troubles, Li Yongqing and other management and protection personnel have a headache: "the tall silver birch tree has always been the focus of our management and protection. Before the spring of this year, the municipal garden department issued a special notice on the emergency prevention of gale weather. According to the requirements, we investigated the potential safety hazards of all the greening facilities within our jurisdiction, established an emergency team and formulated an emergency plan. But even so, every spring when it's windy and summer when it's raining heavily, there are broken branches of silver birch trees. We are also very worried about hitting people and cars. Therefore, we also specially buy insurance for silver birch trees. After the accident happened on May 19, we also actively worked with the insurance company to deal with claims and other follow-up matters. " Li Yongqing said that in addition to frequent "disasters", the daily management and maintenance cost of silver birch is also very high. When pruning silver birch trees every year, the trees are too high and can only be used for aerial work, which not only affects the traffic, but also makes the work very difficult. "As a conservation unit, we also hope that this species

Finding Countermeasures

A variety of factors make it difficult for silver birch to be "one size fits all"

Due to the "repeated disasters" over the years, many citizens, like Li Yongqing and other management and protection personnel, have made a sound of letting silver birch "move" from the main city to the mountains and be replaced by other trees. So, is this feasible?

"At present, most of the silver birch trees in Kunming city are more than 50 years old. According to the relevant regulations of Kunming on the protection of famous trees and ancient trees, the trees that have been more than 50 years old and have a DBH of more than 50 cm belong to the follow-up protection resources of famous trees and ancient trees in Kunming, and the cutting and transplanting of famous trees and ancient trees are prohibited." "In addition to this regulation, many years of practical experience also shows that the survival rate of silver birch after transplantation is very low, and from the perspective of tree protection, transplantation is not desirable," said the relevant person in charge of the municipal urban administration

The person in charge also said that the silver birch trees still preserved were planted in the 1950s and 1960s. Like the sycamore trees in France, they are mainly distributed on some old streets in the city, which can be said to have become the memory of several generations of Kunming people and also reflect the historical features of Kunming. Whether it is the protection of historical and cultural cities or the construction of world spring city flowers, we need to retain some of these species.

"In fact, we are also trying to gradually replace some silver birch trees." The person in charge said that last year, our city issued the guidelines for improving the greening landscape of important urban roads in Kunming, and carried out the overall planning for the greening landscape of "one center, two corridors, three rings, four horizons, five belts and eight verticals". "There are many roads that still use silver birch as the main street tree at present. For example," one mind "refers to Cuihu Ring Road, and" two corridors "refers to the sections from the airport to Renmin Road and Beijing Road to Guannan Avenue. We have also explored planting silver birch trees in the green belts on both sides of the airport expressway, or replacing silver birch trees on the sidewalks of important urban roads with other trees, but It will take some time to implement. Therefore, under a variety of factors, silver birch can not be "one size fits all" or large-scale transplantation out of the ranks of street trees in Kunming

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